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United Paints Co. L.L.C deals in manufacturing and supplying of industrial and retail paints under the brand name “ECO Paints”. This brand is the Omani subsidiary of BBC Paints, a Saudi based company.

The parent factory BBC Paints was founded in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in 1989 on a 15000 sqm expansion. Over the last three decades, the factory has established high tech research developments and spawned quality test labs as well as created more than 400 Points of Sale in the whole region. The factory is certified by Government, Semi Government Institutions and Private Sector Firms.

ECO Paints is only one of the factory’s associate brands exporting to Oman and it is a vision to be reckoned across the Sultanate. It sets a steadfast base to conquer the industrial and retail paint market with its range of Protective and Decorative Paints. With a fast growing clientele and environment friendly quality of paints, ECO Paints echoes refined luxury all over.

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